The 5 Love Languages

This is a book that changed my outlook on love and relationships and so I wanted to share it and my thoughts about it with you.

If you haven’t already heard of this book, The 5 Love Languages, I highly recommend picking it up and giving it a read with an open mind. This book is not only a tool to help you examine how you and your significant other communicate with one another but also a self reflection on who you are and how you communicate love. I read through this book somewhat slowly. For a person that doesn’t really pick up books often, it gave me time to digest what I was reading and try to piece it together in my life. From the very beginning of this book it takes out the Disney and romcom notions most of us grew up with or digest on our own (I’m super guilty of that) for that sweet, feel good sensation and putting aside that movie type love. Understanding that love and relationships are not always easy and that relationships won’t always feel like a Disney flick, the author presents the idea of choosing your partner and how to show the person you’re with that you are choosing them every day. You’re doing this by putting in the work to communicate most effectively with your person. 

How do you communicate love with your person? How do they express love back? Have you both really examined what you’re communicating? 

Asking yourself, how do you and they understand what your actions mean? The actions and words that you’re using to let that person know you love them, do they interpret that as love? It’s the same in reverse as well. You may think you’re showing love through certain actions but if your partner interprets love differently they may not view your actions as love. Take the time to understand what you and your partner each interpret as love, as well as how you are expressing your love through actions.

The fact is everything in life takes work and persistence if you want it to last.

I hope you give it a read and let me know what you think. Did you learn something about yourself? Your person? Or even about love itself and what it means? I found this book beneficial and would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

This content was sparked by myself and my own journey in life. I hope you all find this information helpful. This is not a paid advertisement.