Hi, I'm Adam.

Documentary Wedding Photographer

I document candid moments full of emotion. I’m there with you celebrating, laughing, and tearing up. Count me as family and not a stranger behind a camera.

Behind The Scenes

Let's Capture Your Story!

Hi, I'm Adam Mescan, an award-winning wedding photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky. Capturing genuine love, happiness, and awkward moments is my specialty. I document candid moments full of emotion. I’m there with you celebrating, laughing, and tearing up. Count me as family and not a stranger behind a camera.

Images and video I have crafted for you will last for years to come. My photography style is documentary based, with photojournalistic tendencies that are beautiful and genuine.

I can be goofy to deliver a fun a relaxed experience. I'm there to help support you on your big day and can provide additional materials with my professional expertise through your planning process.

I graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. With seven years of experience photographing weddings I started Shutter Photo & Film in 2017. Couples have entrusted me over the past three years to capture their love story. I can't wait to capture yours.

Adam Mescan, Owner of Shutter Photography & Film based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Adam Mescan, your photographer and videographer.

Why I Take Photos

I love photography because it allows me to see things from a different perspective. Photography enables me to capture your authentic self, something you don't really see when gathered around for group selfies and "say cheese" moments. The camera lets me show off your personality and quirks, your emotions as you truly experienced them.

But my favorite thing is making memories. I create memories from a specific time and place and hold on to them with detail. Photographs spark your memory and brings your experience back to life.

Documenting your wedding is a great honor to be a part of one of your life's greatest moments and preserve that memory. Telling your story through photography lays the foundation for your new family, with images that will be cherished forever. These photographs, capturing the celebrations of your love, are a family heirloom.

How I Create Stories

This is your day I'm just here to capture it. Supporting whatever you need.

I give you space to be yourselves and documenting those in-between moments and let your personality of a couple shine through. I gently guide you through the process of posing to create natural photographs.

I work in the background to capture genuine moments to avoid photos that come across as stiff or staged. I'm goofy to help you and your guests relax bringing out their genuine selves.

Fun Facts:

  • In my spare time I play the drums.
  • I love shooting film when I'm not editing.
  • I do both of those things faster after a cup of coffee (or two)!
  • I have a contagious laugh.
  • I also speak sarcasm to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Coming up with names is not a specialty of mine. My character's name in D&D is Bob Bobinson.
  • I eat gluten-free because my body feels better for doing so.
  • I'm earth and health conscious.
  • I went to a bourbon distillery and came home with vodka.
  • Old-school Blink-182 is my favorite band.

Traveling Runs In My Veins

I love traveling and am always up for an adventure. I try to take a trip each year and visit somewhere new.

Countries I've visited:

Hong Kong, Thailand, England, Ireland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Canada

Within the US:

Connecticut, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Arizona, Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, New York (sadly not NYC), Vermont, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Washington State, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma

Not in the area? No worries! I've worked with couples from out-of-state to out-of-country. Let's make things easy for your wedding back home!



“Love Adam!
Everything about working with Shutter Photo & Film was fantastic! Adam and his partner did such an amazing job at capturing EVERYTHING! They laughed, smiled and joked with us, and they even joined the conga line! Such fun guys to work with! We will be using Shutter Photo & Film for our other photography needs!!”

Adam Mescan is the photographer and videographer for all your needs based in Louisville, Kentucky. All races, ethnicities, shapes, sizes, sexual orientations, and creeds are welcomed. Serving humans.

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