Devin & Carter's Highlight Film

Haley & Michael's Highlight Film

Cheyanne & Ryne's Highlight Film

Scott & Lisa's Proposal

Scott set up a private tour for Lisa and himself at Peerless Distillery in downtown Louisville, KY on August 7th. Acting as one in the group on this random tour with a photographer friend, Quinton, and I following along to capture the big moment. Before the tour started I was able to met Scott in the bathroom to mic him up and still keep our cover throughout the tour. We were both able to capture the beautiful moment they shared when Scott went down on one knee. And she said, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

 A huge thank you to everyone at Kentucky Peerless Distilling! You all were absolutely wonderful to us as creatives and treated Scott and Lisa's moment as you would with family. Congratulations guys, you all were truely wonderful and a blast to work with. To many happy years!

Natalie & Jordan's Engagement Session

Natalie and Jordan's engagement session highlight reel. I took a trip out to Huber's Orchard and Winery in Borden, Indiana to pick sunflowers with Natalie and Jordan while celebrating their engagement with a photo session.

Lauren & Scott's Highlight Film

Olivia & Daniel's Highlight Film

Olivia & Daniel's Feature Film

Megan & Andrew's Highlight Film

Megan & Andrew's Feature Film

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