Shutter Photography & Film a photographer and videographer for all your needs based in Louisville, Kentucky. Serving humans. All Races, ethnicities, shapes, sizes, sexual orientations, and creeds are welcomed.

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Shutter Photography & Film   |   |   Louisville, Kentucky

Shutter Photography & Film

I'm a photographer gone videographer in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Capturing genuine love, happiness, and awkward moments is my specialty.

Not in the area? No worries! I've worked with couples from out-of-state to out-of-country. Let's make things easy for your wedding back home!

Go big! Celebrate your love with friends and family by your side. Oh, and I'll be there too.


I get it. Go with that intimate ceremony. It is your day after all. Let's roam the woods or explore the local courthouse.


Treat yo' self. Get boo a photo because you love them!... Or because you got in trouble for that one thing that one time. No judgement.



Wedding Packages


Wedding Packages

Some randomness you may not need to know

I shoot film and play the drums when I'm not editing or doing business things. I do both of those things faster after a cup of coffee (or two)!

I laugh a lot and hear it's contagious.


also speak sarcasm.

Oh, I totally tear up during vows and heartfelt speeches. Stop being so dang cute!


I've been known to make sounds effects sometimes... Beep boop.

What?... You wanted more?

Can't. Think. Of more things.


Made it this far? Go check out some of my work.