Don't give it away beforehand...

I'm talking about letting your partner know that something's up! You gotta be sneaky sneak with this stuff. 🤫

  • Make sure those nails are 💯!
  • Cleaning up (Haircut and shaving if that's your thing).
  • Dressing up (Think about your engagement location).
  • Planning how it's gonna go down.
  • Get help.
  • How will you pop the question?
  • Documenting the moment 📷 🎥

Lisa & Scott's Proposal

Scott set up a private distillery tour as the first stop of their vacation travels when an unexpected surprise happened.

Want more details?

Make sure those nails are 💯!

If they like having their nails done normally make sure that's covered. There's gonna be pictures and everyone's gonna see those chipped nails with peeling nail polish.

Get trusty friends involved to take them out for a pampering spa day. Don't randomly say "you should get your nails done" unless you wanna have them question everything in life and who you are.

Cleaning up (Haircut and shaving if that's your thing).

I mean this should be obvious but just in case it isn't don't go into this looking like big foot was just spotted in the wild.

  • Take the time to get a haircut a few days before.
  • Ladies give enough time for a cut and dye if that's your thing. Leave some time for corrections if needed.
  • Trim the beard if you have one or shave if you're into that.

Dressing up (Think about your engagement location).

This doesn't mean always renting a tux. Dress appropriate but nice for the activity or location that you plan on proposing.

For Example:

  • Are you going on your favorite hike? Wearing your nicer hiking clothes and gear.
  • Proposing during the holidays? Maybe it's sweater season for you or a nice button up.
  • Out to dinner and a fancy restaurant? Here we go! Now you can suit up!

TIP: Check out the color wheel for color coordination help. Wearing colors of the opposite side of the color wheel from the environment will help you stand out and look good doing so! Don't wear blues and greens in the forest on your hike unless you want to blend in.

Planning how it's gonna go down.

Are you doing a public or private proposal. Make sure you're keeping your partner in mind.

For example: Is your partner cool with the kiss cam style proposal at a sporting event? (When those are a thing again). Or more low key at home with a homemade dinner and NO ONE AROUND.

Don't forget to invite your friends and family if you want them there!

Booking a restaurant? Let the staff know what's up. You won't want to be interrupted when you're trying to propose.

Planning a scavenger hunt? Having friends and/or family help placing the

Are you traveling? Are you booking a photographer in the area or your favorite to travel along?

Get help.

Friends and family are great people to have involved and set up your perfect scenario.

Look up ideas on this glorious thing called the internet. Find examples to help you explore ideas.

How will you pop the question?

Please don't hide the ring in your dessert, I'm pretty sure that can go wrong in multiple ways.

Are you great at making speeches or are you a short and sweet kind of person?

Be yourself. You got this thing!

Make sure you're taking your time, breathe, and say the right name. We're all rooting for you!

Documenting the moment 📷 🎥

You'll want to remember this forever. Get the best quality and hire a photographer and/or videographer. We can be stealthy too.

If you're gonna do video:

  • Find a place and time to meet the videographer to have a tiny mic put on you so you capture the best audio possible. Trust me, it's worth it.