How to whitelist emails:

Your email service provider wants to protect you from spam, phishing, and other crazies. I have the the options on how to whitelist with those providers below. (Hint: the easiest way is to add me as a contact)


  1. Add email as a contact: Hover over the sender and a box will pop up with their information and select Add Contact.
  2. Mark 'Not Spam': Going to your Spam folder select the emails and click More and then Not Spam.
  3. Create a filter for the email address: Click the cog in the top right corner, select Settings. Select Filters and then Create and new filter. Enter the email address to the To field, click Create filter with this search, under When a message arrives that matches this search click the option Never send it to spam and click Create filter.

Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, & MSN Mail

  1. Add the email to contacts.
  2. Add the address to your safe senders: Click the cog and then More mail settings. Select Safe and blocked senders, safe senders, then add the domain ( to Safe senders and domains and the email address to Safe mailing lists.


  1. Add the email to your contacts.
  2. Create a filter for the email address: Click Settings - Filter - Add, enter the filter name, enter the email address in the recipient field, selecting Inbox as the folder to deliver the email to then click Save and Save.